Bloodshot Records

Bloodshot Records
19 Nov 2015

If you are brand new to the music and artists on Bloodshot, heard some nice things about them and became a bit curious, or heard some scurrilous accusations that titillated the gossip-monger that lies deep within us all, we invite you to take a pause in your busy day to hang around our site awhile and get to know us. We hope you like what you hear and that you’ll become frequent visitors and avid fans of some truly original music. From our shabby compound on a bleak stretch of Irving Park Road on the Northwest Side of Chicago (between the dour Serbian butcher shop and the always empty Ecuadorian restaurant), we will, with your support, continue to forge ahead in an environment hostile to the little guy and keep making music that matters. Help us keep our steel-toed boots on the throats of the forces responsible for the free fall decline of the contemporary music scene.


Irving Park
3039 W. Irving Park
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 604-5300
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