City Lights Foundation

City Lights Foundation
18 Jul 2016

Members of the City Lights Orchestra strive to give back to the community whenever possible. Giving is a moral imperative, which is why we created The City Lights Foundation. The Foundation’s purpose is to create, present and fund live and recorded musical concerts and programs for an audience that will benefit from the emotional and inspiring experience that live music can provide. The Foundation will also support outreach programs that educate, enrich and make better the lives of children, especially in underserved communities. Music should inspire the listener to experience the world in a way that is otherwise not available to them. The Foundation’s ultimate goal is to bring and share the inherent joy that can be found in music to people everywhere.


Near North Side
211 E Ohio St, Ste 2124
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 644-0600
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Cycy McAlpin

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