Congress Theater

Congress Theater
19 Nov 2015

A former movie palace with classic architecture and an Italian-influenced interior, the Congress Theater was designated as a Chicago landmark in 2002. Nowadays it hosts plenty of big-name rock bands, hip-hop groups, and dance acts, thanks to its capacity of 3,500—but it’s not without its detractors.

Due to its cavernous interior, it has some of the worst sound in the city. For the bass-heavy acts, this is less of an issue, but it can straight-up ruin a concert-going experience. Also, if you’re there for a sold-out or nearly sold-out show, chances are that you’ll be packed in like sardines and possibly sweat yourself to death. Be sure to stay hydrated.

On top of that, owner Eddie Carranza has come under fire for a multitude of safety violations, and it had its liquor license revoked in the spring of 2013. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, a new owner might be in charge in the near future, which could have an effect on its plan to transform back to a community center with a grocer-deli, upscale restaurant, better food service for shows, and culinary live events.

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