Cuisinier, Farahver, and Benson

Cuisinier, Farahver, and Benson
09 Nov 2015

Cuisinier, Farahvar & Benson, Ltd. is a full service litigation firm located in Chicago, Illinois. It is the firm’s goal to resolve all contested matters efficiently and expeditiously with a focus on ensuring that its clients are not only well represented, but also well informed. We ensure aggressive representation, prompt reporting, attention to guidelines, and dedication to quality service. Having years of experience in the courtroom and countless cases tried before juries, the attorneys at Cuisinier, Farahvar & Benson do not wince at the possibility of trial, when necessary. While having tried many cases, including high profile and high exposure cases, the firm strives to explore beneficial resolution when a trial can be avoided.


West Loop
200 W. Adams St, #430
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 634-0412
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