Disco City

Disco City
19 Nov 2015

“It’s not a mystery what Disco City is. “Records. Tapes. Video.” Says it right on the sign, under an illustration of five anthropomorphized record albums in white shoes and oversize gloves serenading the street below. The enduring mystery is why the hell the store has two signs, one that calls it Disco City #8 and another, inches away, that claims Disco City #7. To further complicate matters, Yelp lists it as Disco City #6. Inside: Lots of Latin music. Cuban jazz. Spanish rock. A section of CDs simply entitled “Mexico.” They also sell DVDs and instruments and dangly knickknacks to hang from rearview mirrors.”

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Logan Square
2628 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, ILĀ 60647
(773) 486-1495
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