Green Mill Cocktail Lounge

Green Mill Cocktail Lounge
19 Nov 2015

Opened in 1907, Uptown’s Green Mill is a storied club and jazz venue that has been featured in countless movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Its smoky throwback atmosphere keeps a few different legends alive, from its daily jazz performances to its lore as Al Capone’s hangout. In addition to a wood carving of the infamous mobster and co., the bar still retains Capone’s favorite booth, a spot that allows views of the front and back entrances. (The Green Mill’s underground tunnels are famous as well, giving Capone an escape route, but you won’t get a tour down there.) The décor is charming, including the famous neon logo in a giant scroll frame on the back wall, and there’s plenty of reason to hang even if you’re not going for the music.

Though leaning more toward traditional and bebop styles of jazz, the Green Mill still hosts many of the city’s best jazz performers, some of which have weekly residencies. In the process, some of the better “free” and avant-garde musicians are excluded—but that might be for the best, as the older and more accessible styles make for better cocktail listening.

4802 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60640
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