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04 Aug 2016

Justin Harris started his career as a web and graphic designer but found his love for photography after the birth of his first daughter. Since then, he has submerged himself into the field using his passion, creativity, and natural talent to capture and explore the vast world around him. Raised and currently residing in Rochester, Illinois, Justin is a husband and father to three daughters who keep him on his toes in his spare time. He served in the United States Marine Corps and worked as a full time police officer in his hometown for eight years before deciding to retire to exclusively follow his love for photography.

Justin is interested in all genres of photography and is always looking to expand his portfolio by capturing new or unseen moments. He strives for a client friendly atmosphere and values working closely with his clients. Justin has even had the privilege of being the set photographer on the feature film Jump In. He is also the co-owner of Moments Wedding Photography. Continuously learning, he finds himself captivated by the power an image can create and its ability to shape what consumes it. He looks forward to having the opportunity to create and develop outstanding photographs with you, for any occasion.
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