Mayne Stage

Mayne Stage
19 Nov 2015

Operating in the same building as the historic Morse Theater, which opened in 1912, Mayne Stage rose from the ashes of Morse 2.0 in 2010. Following a multi-million dollar restoration in 2008, The Morse briefly shut its doors before new management breathed life back into this cozy Rogers Park venue, located just off the Morse Red Line stop.

And that was fantastic news, as Mayne Stage continued the refurbished Morse’s MO of booking intimate performances (folk, chamber, jazz, blues, world, singer-songwriter, rock, and comedy) in a modern and swanky establishment. Featuring 200+ seats on the floor and room for another 90 on the sides (with a wraparound mezzanine and a section that’s level with the stage), Mayne Stage has outstanding sound quality to pair with a great atmosphere. Shows are 18+, but alcohol is served at the bar or at tables for those of age, and you can grab an assortment of food before or after the show at the Act One Pub. For those debating the distance, the trek up north is worth it.

Rogers Park
1328 W Morse Ave
Chicago, IL 60626
(773) 381-4551
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