19 Nov 2015

Preceded by the dance-based SmartBar downstairs, The Cabaret Metro—quickly shortened to Metro—kicked off shows in the building’s “big room” more than 30 years ago with a show by REM. Since then, it has been one of the best midsize venues in Chicago, hosting many of the country’s better rock and electronic bands of varying stature, from radio darlings to underground icons to burgeoning names.

For its size, Metro also features some of the city’s best sound. Sightlines are decent unless you get stuck in the back, either on the main floor or upstairs, so try to arrive a little earlier and grab a good spot. If you have a little extra money to burn, be sure to hit the merch room for tour swag and gig posters, conveniently adjacent to the main entrance. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get to catch a performance in the venue’s semi-secret “Top Note Theater” on the fourth floor.

As the venue is located down the street from Wrigley Field, the biggest downside typically is navigating the throngs of bro-dapping humanity. Also, try to arrive by public transit when there’s a Cubs night game, as parking becomes next to impossible without leaving your car a mile away or spending major cash.

3730 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 549-4140
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