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07 Jul 2016

Monarch & Company was started in 2009 with the purpose to create an environment that would foster impactful merchandising solutions and provide the best possible client experience. We instill this expectation of excellence within every client by becoming a partner of resource, knowledge and creativity. We empower our clients to effectively communicate what it means to engage with their brand on local, national and international platforms.

We partner with you and your marketing team to help you realize the full potential of your brand by getting to know you, your brand promise, and your brand values. After understanding the vision of your project, we present a variety of creative options and recommendations to achieve your marketing objectives. This allows you to fully envision the multiple ways you can embody your brand.

In addition to being experts in the promotional industry, we also consider ourselves to be creative consultants, brand stewards, and project managers. Taking on different roles gives our clients a competitive advantage in building and maintaining strong perceptions in the minds of their customers, employees, and investors.


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207 East Ohio St. Suite 213
Chicago, IL 60611
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