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14 Jul 2016

In a partnership beginning July 2015 between Northwestern Medical Group and Northwestern University Center for Audiology, Speech, Language, and Learning, the interdisciplinary Voice Clinic brings diagnosis and treatment together in one convenient location in north suburban Chicago. During a visit to the Voice Clinic, Dr. Duyka, Nathan Waller and their teams will complete a thorough history to gain an understanding of your concerns. They will then conduct a test which will allow them to view the vocal folds in action. This test will be completed through laryngeal imaging which will be carried out through flexible nasendoscopy or rigid scope endoscopy. During this test, Dr. Duyka and Mr. Waller will be able to view the vocal folds while having the patient produce a variety of vocal tasks. At the completion of the study they will provide recommendations and an individualized treatment plan designed to help the patient target the identified areas with of concern.


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