Reggie’s Music Joint

Reggie’s Music Joint
25 Nov 2015

Reggies in the “south South Loop,” just east of Chinatown, is a peculiar three-in-one hybrid of music venue, record store, and restaurant/bar.

On the “Rock Club” side, attendees will find mounds of metal and rock bands, handfuls of rap artists, and the occasional standup comedian. Unfortunately, the sound is subpar at best and a mess at worst, and the layout is so poorly designed that moving through the crowd is nearly impossible at sold-out shows. But Reggies lands many outstanding heavy and rhyme-based musicians, so regularly checking its listings is wise if you’re into either.

There’s even more live music in the “Music Joint” bar and grill on the other side, from acoustic singer-songwriters to blues bands, Americana acts, and fusion groups. You’ll also find a big ol’ beer selection as well as tons of televisions to watch sports, and with decent daily specials, it’s a fine spot to catch a game. Crammed between each establishment is Record Breakers, first opened in the northwest suburbs—a well-stocked record shop that’s another great way to kill time between acts.

Near South Side/South Loop
2105 S. State St.
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 949-0125
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