Shoeshine Boy Productions

Shoeshine Boy Productions
11 Dec 2015

Shoeshine Boy Productions is an Artist and Band Management Company that also serves as a consultant, booking agency, promotions department, and an events coordinator. Primarily an artist oriented organization, SBP focuses on developing and promoting the talents of an artist or band. Understanding that hundreds of thousands of bands exist (most of which are “unsigned”), SBP maintains a practical approach for the artist by helping them learn about the music industry so they may build a thriving career. Within its promotions and booking department, SBP works with both the artists and venues to create mutually successful events. Experienced with all levels of the music industry, SBP has the knowledge, insight, and contacts that will enable an artist to make music a career rather than a hobby. CEO and President of SBP, Paul A. Farahvar, is a licensed attorney in the State of Illinois and can also serve as a contract negotiator for an artist or band in need of representation or contract review.


P.O. Box 147017
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 472-9344
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