The Chicago Companies Participating In Our Music Tech ‘Startup Showcase’

The Chicago Companies Participating In Our Music Tech ‘Startup Showcase’
19 Jan 2016

On Tuesday, 1/26, we’re hosting our Music Tech Meetup, a State of Innovation-style look at one of the city’s hottest categories. (If you need proof, Chicago’s first music tech incubator, 2112, recently launched with a whopping 42 members; meet its impressive inaugural class here).

At the meetup, we’ll be exploring the intersection of music and tech, spotlighting the companies and products that materialize when entrepreneurs decide to straddle and operate in both industries. From an organizational tool for bands to a bluetooth gramophone, several of Chicago’s top, thriving music tech companies will present themselves during the event’s Startup Showcase.

Following the Showcase, we’ll sit down with Jaime Black, a Columbia College professor of entrepreneurship and host of Dynasty Podcasts, the city’s longest running music podcast. We’ll discuss Chicago music, Chicago tech, and, most importantly, Chicago music tech. Finally, we’ll hit on the ins-and-outs of podcasting and how to launch and run a successful show. The meetup is at GA’s space in After Words Books and will run from 6-8.30PM; food & drink will be provided. Space is limited; sign up here.

Learn more about the companies in the Startup Showcase below:


The “Slack Meets Paypal for the Music Industry,” Jammber is an organizational tool for bands and their labels to help them communicate with one another, share documents, and process payments. The company handles all of the forms and tax documents that an artist will ever need, from venue rentals to union agreements, while also facilitating payment transactions for bands and their entire teams.


Gramovox is the maker of vintage-inspired, tech-forward sound systems. Its flagship product is a bluetooth, 1920s-style Gramophone. In 2014, the company launched the Gramovox Gramophone on Kickstarter and doubled its initial fundraising goal, finishing with $240,000. Last year, the company debuted the Floating Records device, an innovative turntable that plays records vertically. Come see them both in action at the meetup.


Nusiki is building a social network for music. The platform allows users to share music directly to their feed, follow friends, comment, like tracks, and more – all in an effort to create a better “social experience” for the medium. The platform supports YouTube and Soundcloud, allowing users to play and shuffle music right from their Nusiki page.


Downwrite is a crowdsourcing platform for songwriting. Users connect with musicians and songwriters through Downwrite to have an original song crafted for them, whether it’s for a special occasion like a wedding toast or for a personal playlist. You provide an artist with a backstory and they’ll send you a song in two weeks.

More startups will be named shortly; check back for updates.

For more information on the meetup, go here.





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