The Institute for Therapy Through the Arts

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18 Jul 2016

Founded in 1975, the Institute for Therapy Through the Arts (ITA) is one of the few comprehensive community-based arts therapy programs in the United States to offer all four creative arts treatment modalities – Music Therapy, Drama Therapy, Art Therapy, and Dance/Movement Therapy. ITA is nationally recognized and has distinguished itself in the use of integrated arts approaches to help children, adults and families to improve functioning related to psychological, developmental, physical or cognitive factors.

ITA’s philosophy is based on a holistic treatment model which fosters the integration of mind and body through an integrated arts therapy approach promoting optimal health of the WHOLE person. ITA adheres to the best standards and practices in treatment approaches as determined by national accrediting bodies of creative arts therapists and the scientific literature. Therapists employ the use of only those approaches which are empirically and/or qualitatively researched. ITA therapists provide the creative arts therapies within a continuity of care model. When possible and appropriate, the therapist will function as a member of a larger care/educational team, which will include communicating progress, challenges and diagnostic impressions with qualified and identified professionals.


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