The Mid

The Mid
19 Nov 2015

If you’ve gone to see a big-name DJ or dance act over the past few years, chances are that you’ve ended up at The Mid in the meatpacking district on Halsted (if you were able to find it). Walk-able from Restaurant Row, this 800-capacity venue acts as a full-blown nightclub, from the disco-ball lighting to the snobby bartenders, button-down clientele, and front-door security (which, for certain events, enforces a strict dress code).

When it’s packed, there’s nary an inch to spare on the floor, which is full of sweaty dancers. (It doesn’t help that for some events, an additional “VIP area” takes up space downstairs, in addition to the reserved tables that abound.) You can find a bit more space and a potentially better view upstairs, presuming that you get there early enough to grab a place by the railing. No matter the location, you’ll find super-overpriced drinks and not the friendliest of service, so try to grab a drink somewhere else. Then again, that’s not the easiest option considering that The Mid is a 4 AM club with many shows that have four or five DJs. (Headliners often don’t play until 1 or 2 AM.)

Near West Side/West Loop
306 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60661
(312) 265-3990
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