What The Hale Music Production, Inc.

What The Hale Music Production, Inc.
06 Jul 2016

What the Hale Music Production, Inc. creates original music and sound design for all media. The company was established in 1990 by producer/composer Ken Hale.

As a musician his career has spanned a broad range, from live performance to session player, film composer & songwriter. When music production evolved, he rapidly embraced the new computer technology and recording techniques that have revolutionized the music business.

For years he has written and produced music for some of top advertising campaigns including such clients as, Gatorade, Corona, Cap’n Crunch, Sears, Blockbuster, State Farm, McDonalds, Coke & Toyota to name a few.

What the Hale also creates music and sound design for the video game industry, feature films, broadcast promos, web content and live streaming. Their state of the art recording facility houses a unique blend of high tech and vintage analog equipment used to perform these services:

• Music Production

• Post Scoring

• Sound Design & Sound FX

• Composing & Arranging

• Voice Recording & Casting


233 N Columbus Dr # 4613,
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 944-7711
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