WKKC 89.3 FM- City Colleges of Chicago

WKKC 89.3 FM- City Colleges of Chicago
11 Jul 2016

WKKC has 2 different radio stations, WKKC-F/HD1 and WKKC-HD2. Both are broadcast within a 5 mile ratius of Kennedy-King College, 6301 South Halsted Street in Chicago, Illinois. WKKC is also available on this website through your stream. And finally, WKKC can be heard on mobile devices with the free Tunein App.

WKKC-FM & HD1 Chicago are broadcasts simutaniously with an Aggressive Urban Adult Contemporary Format. We play music primarily from 3 different charts. Urban, Rhythmic and Urban Adult Contemporary. We try very hard to play music that is non-offensive to our audience. During daylight hours (10am-5pm), Students of City Colleges of Chicago hosts shows as they learn the ins and outs of Radio Broadcasting. Other hours are automated.

WKKC-HD2 Chicago broadcasts a list of Classic Soul and R&B Favorites.


6301 S. Halsted St
Chicago, IL, 60621
(773) 602-5537
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Tatiana Rodriguez

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