Zebra Lounge

Zebra Lounge
19 Nov 2015

The Zebra Lounge, located off the main Division strip inside the Canterbury Court apartment building, features live piano players seven nights a week. Known for secret celebrity drop-ins over the years, the bar is regularly packed with an eclectic mix of regulars, newcomers, socialites and Elton John junkies.  Later on in the night, the cozy, pint-sized joint fills up with a diverse crowd that leaves the pretension at the door and ranges from suit-sporting old-timers to reveling college students. From behind the mirror-lined bar, the staff pours martinis, fills wooden bowls with zesty snack mix, and sings along with the piano player. Zebra Lounge is many things; as much a chameleon as it is a zebra.

Gold Coast/ Near North Side
1220 N. State St.
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 642-5140
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