Horse-Drawn Productions

Horse-Drawn Productions
19 Nov 2015

The Horse-Drawn Productions recording studio in Chicago features multiple Mac computers running each room, with both Pro Tools HD and Logic Pro with full complement of plug-ins, add ons, and software.  Control Room A renders audio on digital and analog media, using a customized Ampex ½” tape machine, with Eric Yoder’s unique “print through tape” design, allowing real-time analog tracking straight to hard disk.  Control Room A also features 2 consoles, both digital (Yamaha DM2000) and analog (Trident 65 Series) for the most demanding clients.  Both rooms boast over 100 digital tracks.

Our in-house server provides one of the most largest and in-depth sample, application and music libraries anywhere on the planet.  All rooms are connected via analog patchbays, digital routing, and a gigabit ethernet computer network.


6519 W. 26th St.
Berwyn, IL 60402
(773) 463-7970
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