Logan Hardware

This is the store front.  Lots of classic and hard-to-find vinyl, posters, etc.
19 Nov 2015

Logan Hardware Records is Logan Square’s classic record store and vintage arcade museum. With our backgrounds in music and a love for classic pinball and video games, it felt natural to combine the two. We had the perfect space for it. Opened in January 2010, our original location at 2410 W. Fullerton was the site of the original Logan Hardware that served our corner of Logan Square for over 50 years. With Chicago’s deep history in both the music industry and coin-operated gaming we started realizing how LPs, 45s and even our Pinbot pinball machine were the hardware of our generation. Our space in the old hardware store with the cool old sign was a perfect fit for over three years but we were running out of space for our expanding stock in the store and also noticed a need for a full-scale vintage arcade in Logan Square.

In July 2013, we moved Logan Hardware Records two blocks west of the original location to 2532 W. Fullerton, nearly doubling our stock in the store and expanding our vintage Arcade Museum. Now, you can dig through thousands of 45s on one side of the store without bumping into somebody flipping through endless rows of LPs on the other. Check out our increased selection of ever-changing vintage and new stock stereos, turntables, electronics, toys, movies, cards and other collectables. Looking for a working Fun Chicken? We have one. Looking for that Polish language LP from 1971 about the goat and the ostrich? We’ve got it. Any in-store purchase gains you access to our Arcade Museum with over 30 video games and 4 pinball machines all set to free play.

Bucktown/Logan Square
2532 W. Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60647
(773) 235-5030
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