Loud Loop Press

Loud Loop Press
07 Jul 2016

Welcome to Loud Loop Press! I know what you’re thinking: Oh sweet. Just what the world needs, another indie music blog. Aren’t there enough Pitchfork rip-offs already?

Yes, the Internet is saturated with a number of music web sites, but I’m fairly confident in saying we’re a bit different from the rest. For one, we’ll try our damnedest to cater to music news that impacts the city of Chicago (Loud Loop…get it? Yeah.) We’re a Chicago based blog, so we want to keep things as hyper local as possible.

For example, we’ll post music news on national acts only if it’s relevant to Chicago…like say a major act is coming to the Metro in a month or two. But we really want to help out the local scene by shining the spotlight on lesser known Chicago acts that we think are pretty cool, and you might find cool as well.

We’ll also do all the good ol’ stuff you’ll find on most music blogs: Album reviews, live show reviews, editor and contributor commentary, etc. But, most importantly, we’ll write everything in an entertaining manner. So feel free to comment (Yes, we allow reader comments!) on anything, and let us know how we’re doing.

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