Waterdog Records

Waterdog Records
19 Nov 2015

Waterdog Records was co-founded in 1991 by Ralph Covert, and Jay Whitehouse. Whitehouse Records, a “sister” label to Waterdog, started in 1994. In a seven-year period, the two labels released or reissued over 30 CDs by a wide range of musical talent. A restructuring in 1999 saw the creation of a new entity: Waterdog Music. The combined labels released the early efforts of such now-rising stars as Kat Parsons and Carey Ott of Torben Floor. At present Waterdog Music is solely concentrating on the career of Ralph Covert and his Bad Examples and Ralph’s World musical efforts.


South Loop
329 W. 18th St., #313
Chicago, IL 60616-1129
(312) 421-7499
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